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    With the TimeFunding, invest your time, not your money.


    With the TimeFunding, invest without any money, become a mentor or even an entrepreneur, in start-up businesses that are in desperate need of specific skills and yet cannot afford to hire the proper profiles ...

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    Increase your growth without a traditional funding

    Try the TimeFunding now and meet up with experts ready to climb on board your ship.


    Do you want to invest ? Do you want to pass on your knowledge ? Do you want to try the thrill of entrepreneurship ?

    Find out the TimeFunding, invest time in promising start-ups.

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    Suscribe and benefit from all of our platform's features

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  • Fabienne Neveux, CEO Colunching

    « Using the TimeFunding is a real life saver. It really is the right answer to one of our main issues in start-up businesses : a desperate need of specific skills to develop our project, especially when we don't have cash to finance a recruitment.
    Thanks to the TimeFunding, my company has had the chance to match with an expert in PR and business development with a long experience in big companies. Her vision, her methods and her energy added to the fact that she could lead us to think in the way of our clients, were a huge help and helped us define our strategy. »

    Marie-Camille Descamps, TimeFunder

    « Being a TimeFunder has immediately been a pleasure. Being able to participate on a day to day basis, in the launch of a start-up business is so rewarding.
    It also has been a way for me to get better in what I do. I had to face with different methods, new reality ... I certainly added some skills to my resume and my professional network has grown significantly !
    I realize this every day. Colunching seduced me at first sight as I saw its potential development. And of course, there is Fabienne with whom it is impossible not to get along ! A quick and perfect match, I would say !

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  • Who are we ?

    Elodie HUGHES


    Entrepreneur, specialized in digital communication. Her 15 years' experience at the head of her company led her to the heart of HR, marketing, financial and commercial problems of the big companies of the CAC 40 then to the start-up ecosystem to work on the complete life-cycles of companies.

    Pierre-Yves LARVOR

    CMO & Business Developper

    After a career in business development in a consultancy and media enterprise (Publicis and TF1), he set up his consultancy business in 2011 and has accompanied big companies since then in their digital transformation. In 2016, he set up TimeFunding. He's the man without whom nothing happens : whether it be marketing or the commercial development of networks.

    Christophe Routhieau

    Chief Product Officer

    Before joining the TimeFunding team, Christophe, amongst other things, co-set up Bluekiwi software in 2006 (now the property of Atos SE). Passionately interested in the transformation of work by technology, he elaborated the vision and piloted the product team of the company network editor which has become the reference in Europe. Eternally curious, his favorite subjects range from gastronomy to the impact of technology on our future !

    Nash HUGHES

    Business intelligence & Lobbying

    After starting his career in srategic marketing and technology, he has spent most of his professional life telling stories in the media. He has been an entrepreneur since 2009, after his diploma from the Grenoble School of Management (GEM) in 2001. He committed himself from the very beginning in the TimeFunding adventure to contribute his vision, instinct and strategic competence as well as his macro-economic knowledge of the markets.

    Kevin LECLERC


    Passionately interested in the media and new technology, he received his training in communication and digital technology at ISCOM Paris (2017). He joined the TimeFunding adventure before the end of his studies, with the firm intention of going as far as possible towards making entrepreneurship more democratic. To this end he contributes to the team a very clear operational vision and an obsession with detail to make everybody's job easier and enable TimeFunding to grow as fast as himself !

  • Tomorrow, will we all be entrepreneurs ?

    Tomorrow, will we all be investors ?

    The world of work and companies is changing !

    We have to make the environment less obstructive to accelerate this change

    with new modes of action.


    The idea


    To revolutionize investment to accompany the growth of young start-ups and dematerialize pre-seed accelerators ... transforming the link between the individual and work, investment and entrepreneurship.

    Why now ?


    The transformation of the world of work and the company is on its way.

    The possibility of entrepreneurship is being generalized.

    More and more start-ups are looking for new simple and efficient funding solutions to accompany their growth. The « collaborative » era is before us.

  • The TimeFunding Group

    Invest TIME, not money ....

    The vision



    Imagine individual liberalism meeting the collaborative economy and solidarity … the reconciliation between capital and labour


    Imagine that the knowledge-based economy, the economy of confidence, can make those who have acquired competence, experience and know-how want to become entrepreneurs again.


    Imagine collaborator investors who accompany pioneering entrepreneurs.


    Imagine, finally, that your time can earn you money. Immediately, or as a shareholder.


    If you can imagine all that, you have just entered the TimeFunding era.


    The philosophy


    TimeFunding gives each of us the chance, with his experience, to invest his time in young start-ups to accompany their growth.


    TimeFunding develops links between the high-level profiles present in big companies and the essential competence needs of start-ups.


    Lastly, TimeFunding is the first step towards collaboration, equity participation, or even operational association.


    The principle


    TimeFunding enables budding companies to profit today from the time and competence lent by a temporary collaborator and to pay him later either in cash or in capital shares.


    TimeFunding is a tripartite relationship set up by a trusted third party between a paying company and a TimeFunder. The contract binding these parties defines the mission and guarantees the length of investment, calendar and means of remunerating the time loan.


    TimeFunding carries a risk, like any investment. But it opens new horizons beyond that of mere monetary value.

  • How does it work ?



    The TimeFunding matches start-up businesses and individuals for an immediate operational collaboration that will be paid later. Anyone can invest time in those small and fast-growing companies or lend them some time.


    The TimeFunding is a simple and efficient HR solution for small businesses that cannot finance a recruitment.

    Start-up managers : Enjoy your TimeFunders skills today, and pay them later (paying back the time-loan or rewarding them with a share of your company).

    A TimeFunder is, in a way, an investor without money, an entrepreneur with no company, and above all, an expert passionately involved, whose committment to innovative and beautiful company projects, goes beyond anything you can imagine !

    You describe your needs or skills

    You are contacted by a talent manager

    We study together your needs and budget

    We put you in contact with the TimeFunders you need

  • Get paid : Deferred payment or shares ?

    We bill 20% of the time invested, in addition to the mission.


    10% when the contract is signed


    10% at the end of the mission

    Then the remuneration of the TimeFunder is triggered with two possibilities :

    a payment schedule

    of 3 to 24 months ...


    ... or shares

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    Do you wish to know more ?

    Do you have questions ? Feel free !

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